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Chris Brown Is Banned On UTS


Chris Brown has taken a seat next to his pal Justin Bieber on the banned from UTS permanently list.

Listen, we’ve all been guilty of liking someone who isn’t exactly moral or good for us. Sometimes you may even revel in finding the ‘bad boy (or girl)’ appealing. But sometimes your admiration can go too far and compromise your value system.

In the case of Chris Brown, for most folks it already went too far 6 years ago when he pleaded guilty for a violent assault on then-girlfriend, pop singer Rihanna.

But not unlike Rihanna, some of his fans were able to forgive him for what he called ‘a terrible mistake’ at the time, while he begged for their forgiveness.

Chris Brown is a handsome/sexy guy to many of his fans (including me) and he’s perfect fodder for a shirtless male celeb-driven website such as UTS. But his actions over the last weekend have made it clear to me that I can longer follow him on social media or in any capacity. I was reminded of just how dangerous Chris Brown is once I discovered on social media that he threatened to assault Tyson Beckford’s kid.

Something about threatening a man’s innocent child felt inexcusable.

This all began after the woman he’d been dating for the last few years (and openly humiliated) by dumping her to briefly reunite w/ Rihanna, decided to post this picture on Instagram:


That photo led a manic Brown to fire off a number of very disturbing threats against the model and his loved ones.





Listen, I’m not the morals police but I have ALWAYS maintained from the beginning that if any of these male celebs I post here are publically outed as racist, homophobes, pedophiles, murderers, child abusers etc I will no longer include them on this site.

I don’t care if it’s Trey Songz or Nick Jonas. So my days of following Chris Brown on social media or posting his shirtless/sagging adventures are over and done.

RIP Chris Brown on UTS




Male celeb submission or request?

33 thoughts on “Chris Brown Is Banned On UTS

  1. I am finished with this guy and it is going to hurt because he is sooo damn cute and fine but he is an insecure, childish idiot and deserves everything he has coming to him. So I will not fault you one bit for banning him.

  2. Well I know what im going to be doing this evening!!!

    Have any of you guys knocked one out to Chris? I do it all the time because he’s so hot!

      1. If he was racist would he really have all them black friends? no, when you’re 13-14 they don’t mean it, and it’s just fun. sure it’s offensive but how many times has the N-word been used in music and it’s not taken offensive? Exactly.

    1. Except he didn’t say the new slang of the word. He said the old version of it. Like I said did you see the videos at all?

      1. Are we really going over this again? He did it twice.

        In one video he is sitting on a couch next to a woman. Justin begins to say something about black ppl and Father’s Day when you hear a young man in the background repeatedly telling Justin its mean and ignorant. Justin disregards this and says…”Why Are Black People Afraid of Chainsaws? Run Nigger Nigger Nigger”.. he then laughs at the joke before you hear a woman in the background laugh hysterically along w/ him and then she utters “you can say motorcycle too”… mimics the sound of an engine starting up. Its shockingly offensive.

        On the second video he is singing the lyrics to One Less Lonely Girl replacing the girl w/ the N word. He actually SANG & harmonized the words One Less Lonely NIGGER into lyrics about the KKK killing black ppl.
        Justin may have been 15 at the time but he knew better. He is a POS.

        Ugh… just thinking about him is mentally draining.

  3. I never understood why he’s so made at Tyson Beckford for. I mean he DID get another woman pregnant while dating Karrueche soooooo?? I think he’s hot af but his recent actions turned me off too.

  4. It’s amazing to me how this man can show us who he is over and over and over again and folks still won’t believe him. Now all of a sudden you’re distancing yourself from the creep. No offense, but you don’t come out smelling like roses either. Crazy is as crazy does people. Now folks still wanna act shocked when he’s always been the same creep from day one.

  5. His girlfriend dodged a bullet. I dated someone like him. Mofo was extremely controlling and abusive but I wanted to believe he would change. They don’t change you have to slowly plot your exit before its too late. I respect your decision to stop posting him.

  6. Some of these celebrities do things for publicity, Chris Brown about to drop another album and Tyson Beckford new TV Show is about to air.. Why would you ban a person over what he does in his personal life.. People need to stop taking Social Media So personal!! He’s not harming nobody by what he post, that’s between Chris Brown and Tyson Beckford **Two Grown Men**, Why are you so upset about it!! Stick to posting celebrities pictures and not worrying about what people do in there personal life! Thank You!

    1. “He’s not harming nobody by what he post, that’s between Chris Brown and Tyson Beckford **Two Grown Men**”

      Me: So why is he using social media to threaten another grown ass man and his child. He can do that in private if he doesn’t want a reaction/opinion from other ppl.

      “Why are you so upset about it!!”

      Me: Um maybe b/c I followed him on social media as a fan. Maybe b/c ppl are allowed to have an opinion or change their mind. Maybe b/c ppl don’t like it when grown ass men threaten someone’s innocent child. Did you read the tweets?

      “Stick to posting celebrities pictures and not worrying about what people do in there personal life!”

      Me: For the last three years I have included commentary/opinion on nearly 2,000 posts. This blog was NEVER about merely posting images. I would recommend Tumblr or Instagram if you prefer that method.

      1. Oh Stop it! You just mad, because he said something about Tyson Beckford. Chris Brown been doing the same thing for years and now once he said something about one of your favorites, you have a problem, Stop acting *Butt Fucked* over Twitter and Instagram, It’s only Social Media.

  7. Why do we get caught up in the personal lives of others that we have absolutely nothing to do with. It’s crazy to me to judge someone else bc they fall short in areas where we “don’t approve”. This was a fave site of mine. Oh well..

    1. The real question is why does Chris blast his personal life on social media. I don’t see artists such as Neyo, Usher, or hell, even Trey Songz doing it and I know Trey is probably messy as hell behind the scenes. But we don’t see it from them or other normal ppl.

      Ppl seem to forget that Chris Brown or any entertainer is selling a product (albums, singles, concert tickets) in the form of dancing/singing.
      As a consumer, we use our hard earned coins to support them as fans. If that product is no longer appealing or worth our money, consumers have a right to give opinions or no longer support it. The alternative you’re suggesting is too enjoy the product and forget the personal. Life doesn’t always work that way my friend…ESPECIALLY in the age of social media.

    2. I agree I’m over this site….I found the same pics on Tumblr days before this site has them. *Kanye shrug* ✌✌✌

      1. I knew Team Breezy would react in this manner. Ignore all the facts and defend him regardless of what he does. Its sad.

        Its also sad how little I care if someone decides to no longer visit my website.

      2. I agree…. I’ve been supporting and visiting this blog for years and never knew how childish the owner is… Trust me, I will never return!!! TEAM BREEZY ALL DAY!!

  8. Kels,

    Can we make request? If so, can I request for NBA player Dwight Howard to get another post (it’s been some time), and NHL player Sidney Crosby who has an ass out of this world? I saw some footage of Howard on the news, this morning, with some fans and the ass was on full display. He’s a big, muscular guy, but he’s also really lanky, so you don’t expect such a huge ass on that kind of frame.

  9. People who don’t take full responsibility for their mistakes tend to repeat them over and over. The drama with C-Breezy will continue.

  10. Chris’s fan base is just as childish as him. His booty not even that appealing. The fuck outta here #TeamBreezy and take your childish leader with you.

  11. What Chris Brown does is his business we don’t know him personally why take em down. That’s a sexy man, everybody makes mistakes.

  12. first Jb and now chris. lol dont even bother coming back after your cruise. you’ve been flopping since 2014 anyways.

  13. Kels
    You were the only reason I was attracted to him. He lost me years ago… These celebs should google themselves and thank you for getting them newfound fans

  14. Please start posting Chris Brown again.. I think he learned his lesson.. I miss seeing him on this site… He seems like he really trying to change.. PLEASE! THANKS!

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