Jason Derulo Covers Billboard


Landing the cover of Billboard magazine, pop star Jason Derulo opens up about his fitness regimen, career dreams, and his former relationship with singer Jordin Sparks, which ended last fall after three years together.

According to the article, he was “gentlemanly” about the breakup, despite Sparks claiming he leased a BMW he gifted her instead of buying it.

“I do get tired of playing nice,” he tells the magazine. “Especially when people think I did something wrong, or that she broke up with me. But it’s so behind me.”

Now the singer is single and ready to mingle and says his love life is like “a deck of cards.”







Male celeb submission or request?

8 thoughts on “Jason Derulo Covers Billboard

  1. Jason Derulo Sexy AF too me it took a while not long for his music to kinda do it for me but he still give me BQ but then again a lot of these dudes are from the way they dress and act Half don’t even know it’s how gays conduct themselves but whatever he like one of them guys u see and you try hard not to stare but you can’t help it every chance you get

  2. My only wish for him is that he’d stop trying to hard. He’s already sexy, but he just tries too hard at it, and it sometimes makes him unattractive. Some people can look beyond this and just oggle, but it’s a total turn-off for me. Doesn’t matter if a man or woman does it. I mean, if all you’re going to do is tear off your shirt and wiggle your ass at your shows, why not just be a stripper?

    1. They’re all glorified strippers. Every single male celeb posted here (with an exception for the athletes.) And even they are starting to undress more for sexual attention (i.e. ESPN Body Issue, nude calendars etc)

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