5 thoughts on “Jordan Calloway

  1. He has such a baby face, and a cute body to go with it…i think he would have been more successful in modeling versus the acting.

    1. I hope that he sees ur comment one day. I think his agent should definitely push him in a modeling direction also. Build a fan base from that and then get noticed for acting roles.

    2. Model what, though? I’m not too familiar with the guy, but just judging by those gifs and what little I’ve been able to bring up of him on google, he’s not really tall enough for any high-end or fashion modeling. The tallest he’s listed on the internet is at 5’11”, which realistically means that he’s probably a good two inches shorter than that in reality. I guess he decided – and rightfully so – that he’s much more employable as an actor than a model.

      Just my two cents.

      1. Of course not high end fashion modeling. Im posting some high end fashion guys later today and I don’t think Jordan would fit that side of modeling. I’m thinking more along the lines of urban casual wear modeling or just regular beauty/shirtless images. Basically, he needs to build a larger fan base and the quickest way to do that is using his good looks on social media to generate more interest in acting career. I believe Jordan has what it takes to become a hearthrob.

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