Who'd You Rather?

Who’d You Rather? (Matt vs Matt Edition)

They’re both A List, Oscar-winning actors named Matt w/ incredible bubble butts who first became well known in the 1990s.

The next edition of Who’d You Rather was an obvious choice for a poll…

Who’d You Rather F***?

Matt Damon






Matthew Mcconaughey




Matthew McConaughey Goes Paddle Surfing


Twitter http://twitter.com/utstarz

Male celeb submission or request?


11 thoughts on “Who’d You Rather? (Matt vs Matt Edition)

  1. This is hard because i want to fuck both of them..but I would dirty fuck matt mconaughey and marry fuck matt damon.. So i choose matt damon!

    Steamy dirty fuck matt m. And romantically mary fuck matt d

    1. That is exactly how I feel as well. I want them both but, I would have hot sex with MCconaughey and a serious relationship with Damon

  2. there’s just something about Matt Damon (maybe it’s that behind the candelabra scene with him in a speedo lol)

  3. Damon’s short and stocky and runs to fat. McConaughey’s much more elegantly built, fine-boned and muscular. Plus you just know McConaughey’s a lot dirtier in bed. Damon seems like a prude.

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