Michael Sam

Logically speaking you may be asking yourself, what the hell is football stud Michael Sam doing on Dancing With The Stars?!

Or you may even ask, why is DWTS still on the air?!

Whatever the case, Sam’s recent debut on the ballroom dancing competition’s 20th season premiere is mostly noteworthy for this…





Male celeb submission or request?

21 thoughts on “Michael Sam

  1. If he stays on long

    They will keep him wearing tight pants which show his butt off since its getting a great response

    1. It may also backfire on his NFL dreams.
      The moment he did that ass shake likely sealed his fate w/ the homophobic/spousal abuse supporting organization.

      Let’s be clear, I’m only referring to the drafting process in the NFL.
      Poor Mikey has to end the charade and accept his destiny as a gay sex symbol… underwear photoshoots, hosting gigs, talk show appearances. CONNECT to your fans MIchael!

      1. I don’t think he’s really serious about football like that. The fact that he’s on here says enough.

    1. Girl bye! His boyfriend is a ugly troll (Michael isn’t too far behind)…maybe you all have something in common. Do you boo!

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