28 thoughts on “Most Awesome GIF

  1. I would love and appreciate it if you do a post on Adrian Peterson. He’s soooo sexy and has a muscular fat ass. Love your website! 😄

    1. I googled and I didn’t regret it lol! 6% kind of reminds me of a less chiseled Jonny Manfre aka “The Unit” from Jersey Shore. Total douchelord, but he has an amazing body.

  2. Hope everything is going alright. We miss you, but we understand if you need some rest, I know this takes a lot of time and energy to keep up.

  3. Hey there! It’s been a while since my favorite site has been updated, hope all is well and that everything is ok with you man!

    1. Thanks Jacob and everyone for the love and concern over the last few weeks. Personally, I’m alright. I’m grateful for the ppl who visit and support my blog. We have built a community here and I’m fully aware of this. Again, thank you.

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