Reality TV

‘Match Made In Heaven’ & Shawn Bullard

Remember Flavor of Love? Long before Love & Hip Hop, Real Housewives of ATL, and Basketball Wives, the trashy VH1 dating competition featuring hip hop icon Flavor Flav, basically kick-started the whole era of “ratchet” reality TV. So it’s not difficult to believe someone has decided to re-boot the ‘Flavor of Love’ blueprint. Enter WE TV’s new… Continue reading ‘Match Made In Heaven’ & Shawn Bullard

He Is Hot!

Justin Combs Celebrates 21

Before my last hiatus I forgot to mention that UTS fave Justin Combs turned 21 back in late January. The 90s themed celebration included several high profile names (Katrashians, Justina Beaver, etc) He shared many of the pics on Instagram… Happy Belated B Day Justin! p.s. Be very careful of the company you keep boo now that you’re 21.… Continue reading Justin Combs Celebrates 21


Andrus Peat Stuns @2015 NFL Combine

Andrus Peat is a 21-year-old college football player. He is currently being drafted in the 2015 NFL combine. Peat and his bodacious backside recently made news headlines when a sports commentator for the NFL stated, “That lower body is unbelievable. Look at the body, look at that bubble butt…That’s power,” said Mike Mayrock. Want to decide… Continue reading Andrus Peat Stuns @2015 NFL Combine


Model Godfrey Gao

You’ve probably noticed I’m trying to mix things up. I’ve taken all your feedback to heart. Which leads to the Underneathestarz debut of 29-year-old Taiwanese fashion model Godfrey Gao. Godfrey has the distinction of being the first Asian model to front a Louis Vuitton campaign. With many high fashion brands recording mega profits in Asia, it only makes… Continue reading Model Godfrey Gao