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‘Empire’s’ Bryshere Gray


Bryshere Gray is a 21-year-old rapper/actor from Philadelphia.

His debut acting role is on the highly successful Fox drama, Empire.















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29 thoughts on “‘Empire’s’ Bryshere Gray

  1. I’ve tried to get into him but his character on the show I hate but not taking it all from him because he has some sexy lips He just look so fruity I feel he should of been the gay brother as well something off He give me one of the Jackson Brothers

  2. I must agree with Charming Li. Dude is cute, but his character is more effeminate than the gay brother. Seems like he trying to hard.

  3. I cant’t believe a lot of people where saying he was ugly. he is all types of fine and he if you take away the charcter he actually seems like a sweetheart.

  4. WOW!!!! The Shade Is Real. I Think Yung Dude Is Very Attractive. Now I’m Not Obsessed Over Him Like A Lot Of Dudes Are, But If He Was Gay He’d Be My Type Of Dude. Very Masculine. His Lips Are Everything. He Plays His Role Right Too. He Even Talk Like A Philly Boy. Philly Boys Do Something To Me. S/O To Philly!!!

  5. People are made to fit their character simple as that if the director saw fit for him to play this part then that’s just what it is also I’m glad that he is from one of my favorite cities ….looking great keep up the great work before no one knew you on here to judge you now so what they think they know you now (and don’t ) go hard bro

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