10 thoughts on “Model Roman Shlyakis

  1. Oh well. I don’t know where the rest of y’all live or what your experience has been, but for me, there just ain’t no need in gettin myself all worked up over one of these lil young white gay boys. In my experience, they can be the most prejudicial and enjoy a sense of elitism in the larger gay community. I know here in Dallas, they, the younger white guys will let it be known, they have no desire for a black male whatsoever. They don’t care how big his dick may be. You will not see a 20 something white guy or even one in his early or mid thirties with a black boyfriend. The only white males that I see with or pursuing or putting out there for a black gay/bi/DL male are the old dried up white queens here that look like relics from the 1980s San Francisco or something. Sorry, but I had to keep it real. Yes, this is a nice looking young man, but on 2 da next one for me.

    1. Da Big D – I know more than a few twenty something and thirty something mixed race couples. It may not be prevalent but it sure exists. I doubt that any UTS fan(black or white) will be putting it together with Roman, so guys — unleash your fantasies — that’s what it’s all about. 🙂
      Love – Jamie T.

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