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More Josh Leyva


You Tube hottie Josh Leyva recently uploaded a ‘sexercising’ clip that included shirtless thrusting/sagging/twerking, basically a thirst trap disguised as ‘comedy’…

jl7 (1)

jl6 (1)

jl12 (1)

jl8 (1)

jl10 (1)

jl11 (1)

Twitter http://twitter.com/utstarz

Male celeb submission or request?


14 thoughts on “More Josh Leyva

  1. “Thirst trap disguised as a ‘comedy’.” LMFAO! Yeah…pretty much. He’s such an obnoxious douche. You wanna dismiss him right away, but then you take that 2nd glance and be like, “bruuuuh…”

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