9 thoughts on “Cam Newton

  1. Cam is just too fine for football! He is too fine to be out there gettin’ all banged up by those Neanderthals! I don’t know why he doesn’t get more shine from all of the black womens’ magazines and websites. He comes from a religious family and is dating a sista. Articulate, pretty “teef”, makes money and has leadership qualities. Sooooo fine. Marriage material.

    1. I agree 100 percent. everything u stated.

      And I have made it a personal mission to always feature Cam Newton here. That smile melts me. He’s an average looking guy w/ extraordinary features (height, athleticism, bone structure etc )

      1. You’re right! And it’s his extraordinary features that makes him more than average to me. Honestly, a lot of brothers don’t have those features. I get so tired of the thug look: the tats, the scruffy beards and goatees. Cam is one of the few black men that can pull off the clean-shaven look. His skin is clear/clean; his teeth are white and straight: no golds, diamonds, etc., his height, slimness and bone structure. That is why he can pull off that clean-shaven look. Most black men look funny as hell w/o any facial hair. Love when Cam does that kinky bush thing with his hair too.

    2. I agree. They would rather overrate someone like chris brown or trey songz, men that only care about sexing someone up not caring about having a quality relationship.

  2. His legs are amazing but his girl is straight up fighter. Girls who be trying that “Yo Man send me pics on instagram” shit be gettin clocked by his GF. As much as I like Cam I am not trying to get my jaw broken.

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