EXCLUSIVE! Must See Chief Keef Vid/GIFS

Our favorite sagging rapper, 19-year-old Keith Cozart a.k.a Chief Keef decided to upload a video of someone filming him walking around a backyard pool sagging HARD in extremely tight (and white) boxer briefs… Are they just trolling Underneathestarz fans w/ this vid? Why is someone following behind him with a camera and his ass is hanging… Continue reading EXCLUSIVE! Must See Chief Keef Vid/GIFS

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Nick Jonas Update

Underneathestarz fave, pop singer Nick Jonas is super busy lately. He is currently filming a new television series for Direct TV, has an upcoming lead role in a major film, and is still pursuing a music career as a solo artist! NJ is such a lovely guy, I can’t wait to support all of his upcoming projects.… Continue reading Nick Jonas Update

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Terrence J

After nearly 2,000 posts you can sometimes forget what you’ve already created in the past. If you’re a fan of Terrence J check out a MUST SEE post of him uploaded back in November 2013! https://underneathestarz.com/2013/11/04/terrence-j-can-smize-it/ Twitter http://twitter.com/hegothatcake Male celeb submission or request? Email:underneathestarzwordpress@gmail.com