Nick Jonas

Last year’s ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ (according to me,anyway) is former boy-bander/pop singer Nick Jonas who is photographed at a golf charity event.


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8 thoughts on “Nick Jonas

  1. Ugh! Where did that ass come from?! If they woulda been serving cakes when they were disney kids i woulda been a fan a while ago! *stomps and pouts* *disclaimer* i mean a fan of them being hottie mcbodys. Not of their music/acting lbvs

      1. ^Obviously I wouldnt mind that. He’s making his film debut this year and I heard rumors there is a sex scene and maybe a butt shot. I WOULD LOSE MY SHIT *fangirling*

  2. Wow his ass is growing. I know he has a ipod or a phone in one of his ass pockets, but damn that ass is fat! Looking forward to his movie debut and his sex scenes so we can see his bare ass.

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