Larry Fitzgerald

NFL Characters Unite - 2013

30-year-old Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald has one of the all-time greatest asses I’ve ever seen on any dude.

I thought he would have more fans on Underneathestarz when I nominated him for BOTY 2013.

His ass is so infamous that Google Images pre generates the search term, Larry Fitzgerald booty.

But L.Fitz is sadly FAR behind in the contest in 8th place out of 20.

Not bad, but still disappointing when he is packing so much junk in the trunk!

Larry Fitzgerald, Julian Edelman




St. Louis Rams v Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals vs San Francisco 49ers - December 24, 2006

Arizona Cardinals v San Diego Chargers


Arizona Cardinals v St. Louis Rams

Arizona Cardinals v St. Louis Rams

Arizona Cardinals v New York Giants Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals v New York Giants











Arizona Cardinals v New York Giants




Male celeb request or submission?


13 thoughts on “Larry Fitzgerald

    1. Omg seriously I love his butt I can’t tell u how many times watching the game they’ll show him side view n I pause n zoom in n I start beating my dik like it owes me money 1 day I jerked n busted 5 times in a 10 min period I fantasize. Just pushing him against the wall n licking his a hole for like an hr then spin him around n suk his big dik n he comes a big ass load down my throat n I swallow every last drop then I stand up he spins me around forcefully bends me over a table n destroys my asshole n cums all up in me. He is so hot my dik is leaking right now looking at his sexy black ass. I love him I’d do n e thing for just 1 night with him I’m saving some of these pics I jerk off to his ass everyday. I’m bout to go now
      Thank u Larry ur butt deserves to be worshipped n ate everyday

  1. Wow! That is one thick ass. Those photos of him in the beige and black slacks had my eyes wide open. My only complaint is that his ass looks harder than a rock. I want just a little jiggle in a guys butt. When he walks, it does not move that much. That being said…..I’d still hit it.

  2. People like to vote for familiar asses, L. Fitz is being introduced to a lot of people now. He is fine as hell, and that ass looks bigger in street clothes than the uniform. I’d big that guy checking him out every time he walked by.

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