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Sexiest RW-er Contest Semi Finalists


This is the true story… of 20 former male Real World cast members, picked to do battle in a silly contest, to help crown ‘The Hottest Male RW-er Ever!’

Here are the results…

In order from highest to least amount of votes since Thursday.

The final 10…


Season 28, (Portland)



Season 9, (New Orleans)



Season 26 (San Diego)



Season 12 (Las Vegas)



Season 13 (Paris, France)



Season 25 (Las Vegas)



Season 15 (Philadelphia)



Season 19 (Sydney, Australia)



Season 16 (Austin)



Season 21 (Brooklyn)


I find it interesting that the youngest and oldest seasons here are represented by Marlon (Portland) and Danny (New Orleans) in 1st and 2nd place, respectively.

I’m also surprised that Marlon has die hard fans since he is clearly benefiting from repeat voters.

Although his season is the most recent and he’s currently on The Challenge so that’s another advantage for him.

But for the most part, I wholeheartedly agree with this list.

Personally, I don’t think Marlon is the ‘Sexiest Male RW-er Ever’. He’s hot as fuck and deserves a Top 10 placement for sure but he’s not my first choice.

I would have loved to see Johnny Bananas (Key West) or CJ (Cancun) make the Top 10, but that’s just me. I only voted once out of fairness.

But, overall I agree with your picks for the Final 10.

Keep voting for your favorite until Tuesday 8/20 when the polls are closed.

Like in every contest, the winner will receive a huge mega-post of their hottest pics!

*Repeat votes are allowed.

14 thoughts on “Sexiest RW-er Contest Semi Finalists

  1. I’d say Marlon. He’s got muscles, he’s black & his got dick/ass. Plus he’s the only openly “bisexual” guy on the list.

      1. Well, I was referring to the fact that Malon’s bi, there’s a difference between bisexual & homosexual you know. lol.
        I was just pointing out that he’s the only openly bisexual blk guy I’ve heard of on any of the show. And he’s like the only bi guy I’ve heard of who’s actually smashed a female (some random bar skank in Portland), then a male (Derrick during the Challenge Rivals II), and then a female again (Nany during the Challenge Rivals II) on the shows. Most of the time these guys claim to be bi, like Frank Sweeney (San Diego) or Mike Manning (D.C.) & never mess w/ a female on the show, but is always caught screwing a guy or a few. At least Marlon keeps it real. #IJS

      1. Yes, I think Zach & Frank have a lil more going on behind the cams then anyone’s willing to admit. It wouldn’t surprise me if they messed around before. I mean there’s stories of a buncha white dudes who are college-aged who “experiment” once w/ a guy & never speak of it. It wouldn’t surprise me if this is the case w/ Zach & Frank. That would explain their weird on again/off again “friendship” & why they argue like a married couple all the damn time. #IJS

    1. I think Zach expected gay/bi ppl in a stereotypical fashion, but when he actually found out that all gay guys don’t fit that mode & that there are bi guys out there who act like him, he quickly changed his tune. I think Zach merely acts in a homophobic fashion initially because he felt that he could be tempted & he didn’t know that every gay/bi guy wouldn’t fit his stereotypical mold. Once he started hanging out w/ Frank, he liked him & is now comfortable around gay/bi guys. Hell Frank & Zach do some pretty homo stuff w/ each other now (like kissing on the lips or dancing together in thongs). lol. So Zach is no longer homophobic in my book.

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