He Is Hot!

Lil Za Update

Since the first Lil Za post received such a positive response I couldn’t wait a second longer to share these additional pics of Justin Bieber’s BFF, submitted by MikefromBKLYN! According to TMZ: “Now we know why things have been so quiet in Calabasas … turns out, Justin Bieber‘s been on vacation with his pal Lil Za in the… Continue reading Lil Za Update


T.I. Sagging (Gifs)

I sort of went sagger/gif crazy over last weekend. Its likely due to the end of summer fast approaching and I’m in the Mid West so I don’t enjoy summer weather all year round. The lovely thugs and b-boys who roam the big city sagging below the ass is almost over. 😦 At least we… Continue reading T.I. Sagging (Gifs)