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Opinion: DOMA + Prop 8 To End


Yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against the Defense of Marriage Act, a federal law created during the Clinton administration that effectively allowed states to prohibit same sex couples from marrying or receiving any federal marriage benefits.

The Surpreme Court ruled that DOMA is, in fact, un-constitutional based on federalism and the 5th amendment.

Basically, the prejudicial aspect of this federal law is finally over. 


Also, I couldn’t be happier for my fellow LGBT peers in California.

The ballot initiative known as Prop 8,(which effectively reversed a decision to allow same sex couples to marry in 2008), is officially settled in favor of overturning that amendment.

We’re only a few steps closer towards all 50 states acknowledging that all people , no matter their race, sex, sexual orientation, disabilities must be treated equally!


Underneathestarz fave Nick Jonas delighted me when I read his tweet regarding the landmark Supreme Court decision…



I soooo wish he weren’t straight so that I could propose to him myself! Haha!

Anyway, Nick is becoming quite the little gay rights advocate over the last few years POST his Evangelical, ‘purity ring’ image we came to know during the initial Jo Bro mania a few years ago. Coincidentally around the same time Prop 8 was introduced.

Its funny how time and ppl change like that.




Nick Jonas heading to play baseball






8 thoughts on “Opinion: DOMA + Prop 8 To End

  1. Ctfu i started reading this going to state my opinion and then i get bombarded by jonas booty… Mmm I LOVE THAT I CAN COME HERE FOR BOOTY HOTTIE MCBODYS AND THINGS THAT’LL AFFECT US AS LGBT INDIVIDUALS! YOU ARE AWESOME! Sorry for screaming lol. Now miguel can propose to me and we’ll be happily ever after 🙂

    1. ^LOL @dince09 I was originally not going to post it b/c ppl don’t come here for my opinions but I have decided moving forward that if something is going on in the news that I feel passionately about I will be giving my 2 cents on it.

      I ran across that Nick Jonas tweet this morning and I thought it would be appropriate to A) post more Nick B) give voice to a straight celeb supporting gays C) remind folks of what just happened in the simplest way possible. You would be surprised at how of us don’t understand exactly what happened yesterday.

  2. I can’t believe it took them this long to reverse it. It should’ve been done years ago. I can’t believe we’re still fighting for human rights for people in 2013, but Im glad the gay community got justice yesterday. Also Nick Jonas is very hot and open minded. I always had a crush on him since the start of the Jonas Brothers. He’s the man.

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