Opinion: J Cole & Homophobia


J Cole disappointed me this week after releasing his sophomore album, ‘Born Sinner.’

Good News…It is expected to perform really well against Kanye West’s 6th studio album, ‘Yeezus’. Most are predicting Cole will end up in 2nd place with first week sales of 290 -315k compared to Yeezus possibly selling 400-420k. That means Cole’s number will actually be higher than his last album’s first week sales of 250k!

Congrats, Team Cole!

I purchased 2 copies of ‘Born Sinner’…

One at a Target and the other on Itunes just to show my support.

Bad News…

I am completely stunned after hearing the very first track called ‘Vlluminati’:

My verbal AK slay faggots/ And I don’t mean no disrespect whenever I say faggot, okay faggot/ Don’t be so sensitive/ If you want to get fucked in the ass/ That’s between you and whoever else’s dick it is/ Pause, maybe that line was too far/ Just a little joke to show how homophobic you are/ And who can blame ya?

What the fuck?!

Never imagined I would hear J Cole rapping about the subject of homosexuality using gay slurs that are so hurtful and almost homophobic.

I was speechless.

Then I came across a Breakfast Club interview w/ J Cole promoting ‘Born Sinner’ that I initially wanted to post here but I decided against it after hearing those lyrics and seeing another weird interview. This one is more understandable and less homophobic. Cole is being interviewed by two fat black women and a gay radio DJ (random pairing btw) when the guy DJ jokingly compared Cole’s dick to a large object before asking Cole about his dick size, he stormed out.

What kills me is when these rappers court attention from the gay fans but never take responsibility for their homophobia in public.

Case in point, actor/rapper Will Smith.

He famously slapped a man for trying to kiss him on the red carpet last year…


Can you see the intensity in his face pushing that man away?

That image has stayed w/ me when I think about him.

No matter how you side on these issues, don’t deny the look on that man’s face speaks volumes about the exact level of his homophobia. I can bet you anything that a Chris Pine or Kellan Lutz, for example, would NEVER have reacted the same way. It would have been turned into such a different moment.

Still very aakward, but just not as blatant or violent.

Mind you this is a man w/ gay rumors constantly following him and this…



^There is something so creepy about that I have nothing to say about it. A father openly mouth kissing his now FOURTEEN YEAR OLD SON!!! Poor Jaden.

I use these gifs to help illustrate just how much of a hyporcrite Smith is. Even in his most recent interviews he’s STILL using the EFFEMINATE GAY MAN routine as a punchline during his interviews. A mannerism that he still considers “funny” (which it was on The Fresh Prince over 20 years ago) but now it just feels dated and offensive at this point.


I am so over him as a person but I’m still in love wit dat ass tho! Its a conflicting battle. 😦

Back to J. Cole.

I would like to believe he won’t say or do anything else that gives me reason for another “PAUSE” moment like this one.

I want to appreciate him as more than just a sagger but also recognize his TALENT (I believe) as a rapper, artist, producer.

Being the type of rapper he is, lots of gays (esp young ppl) are drawn to him just like Drake, Kendrick, A$ap Rocky etc and I know that he is aware of his gay fan base.

In a statement to The Huffington Post after they called him out on the Vlluminati lyrics, he released this statement:

“There will soon come a day when people in general, and rap artists specifically, are going to have to answer for their past usage of the word ‘faggot,’ much like the Grandfathers who are ashamed that they used the word ‘nigger’ as kids. At a time when public acceptance of gay rights is soaring (rightfully), hip-hop culture and general are still battling with homophobia (not excluding myself). Rather than run from it I chose to attack it playfully. Those lyrics are meant to make everyone uncomfortable for the sake of this very conversation.”

Let’s hope he is being honest in that statement since although I really LOVE Born Sinner… its sort of tainted now (for me) after ‘Vlluminati.’

 What is your opinion on the ‘Vlluminati’ lyrics?

Do you believe J Cole is homophobic? 

18 thoughts on “Opinion: J Cole & Homophobia

  1. Here’s what I would say to J. Cole: Throwing around homophobic slurs—even in character—isn’t going to teach homophobes a damn thing about oppression and privilege. If J. Cole needed strategies on how to combat anti-LGBTQ oppression, he should have consulted with LGBTQ folks themselves. But then that would require him to trust LGBTQ folk as the experts on their own lives.

    As for Will Smith, I never could stand him anyway.

  2. That’s bandwagon shit. He needs to do that to fit in. He should be comfortable in his sexuality but if he’s not he can hit me up. I wouldn’t say he’s homophobic but i’m not saying he’s as gay friendly as WE ALL WANT HIM TO BE. But i kinda will give him a pass. And with william smith he portrayed a homosexual in a movie before so i wouldn’t say he’s homophobic either… Now slim shady is a different story… Lol my opinion changed with him #rambling

  3. I’m surprised that people are actually surprised by this! I’m sorry but a lot of hip hop culture is really hypocritical.

  4. Homophobic. I don’t care for this kid anyway. He’s got a nice ass tho. And I will continue to look at it. Lol

  5. I agree with u about J Cole not doing right for using the word faggot. U never really know. I didn’t realize J. Cole sagged his pants until I came here lol

  6. Maybe he’s trying to throw a hint on the low????? Let him continue his stabbing. We all know he’s riding JayZ’s dick figuratively and probably literally.

  7. He is simply not as “amazing” like you thought him to be. Most of these rapper guys you post here are not gay friendly! Guys like Wale, J. Cole, Big Sean, Trey Songz… all MAJOR homophobes behind the scenes. Now, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Macklemore and a few others are the actual decent folks in hip-hop.

  8. this isn’t just a hip hop/rap issue sadly enough, these slurs extend to r&b artists as well but what’s truly sad is that people (both gay and straight alike) will continue to support this kind of hatred by buying this piece of shit’s album. this kind of self hatred amongst some of our lost LGBTQ bretheren is right up there with the way some of my lost black brothas throw around the word nigga as a term of endearment or something positive. something’s wrong with that way of thinking and until people learn true self love this type of ignorance will continue to flourish. as for j cole or any other recording artist for that matter, the easiest and quickest way to get his/their attention is to not buy their music or support their ventures in any way but again it goes back to my previous statement about self love (or the lack thereof). I love me FAR too much to let anyone, artist or whomever, attempt to de-humanize me just for the sake of selling their record(s).

    1. First of all, thanks @MichaelStanton for sharing your views. I really appreciate it. You’re clearly a new viewer of this blog since I have read MANY of your most recent comments on several posts.

      Secondly, I understand where you are coming from in regard to J Cole’s supporters turning a deaf ear to Vlluminati and not holding him accountable. Which is the sole purpose of creating this post. A lot of the reviews for ‘BS’didn’t even mention the faggot lyric. But at the same time, I really don’t believe Cole is homophobic and he deserves a second chance since he is not blatantly working against MY civil rights. That seat is reserved for the liars and hypocrites at the pulpit or the politicians like Ted Haggard, Eddie Long, Larry Craig, Rick Santorum etc

  9. I totally aree with you when it comes to J. Cole. He’s such as asshole. It funny because I hear alot of rumors about dl rappers in the industry. Yet they’re all sooooo homophobic. But most us gays know for a fact that the most homophobic people are the ones on the DL.

    Now with Will Smith I trully do not believe he is homophobic. I mean I’m gay, but if some random dude who I’ve never seen before just walks up to me and tries to kiss me. I’d react the same way. Just try to put yourself in his situation, wouldn’t you be disgusted?

    Idk, I’m just so over this god damn homophobic world. I wish there was like a gay world I could travel too lol.

  10. Thanks to October for speaking my thoughts! If I was kissed by a stranger, I would react the same way as Mr. Smith. You guys need to put yourself in Will’s shoes. You wouldn’t want some strange person trying to kiss you, would you? Stop being hypocritical yourselves. And black people use the “n” word among themselves, but gays can’t use faggot among themselves? And yes, this is an implication that some homophobes are gay. Maybe Eminem is gay himself. He tries so hard to let everyone know that he is anti-gay, that I think it’s pretty obvious that he’s hiding something. Maybe bi-curiosity? But I don’t blame Will Smith one bit for being disgusted like that. If it was a woman, he’d probably react the same way. I never heard any of J. Cole’s music, and I don’t know anything about him. Can’t comment on him, except that maybe he got mad at that DJ at the radio station? I would get mad too if someone was saying inappropriate stuff like that to me as well. Eminem is the only one I cannot stand. By the way, supposedly Lil Wayne and Birdman are son and father, but yet they kissed on the lips?? Maybe they are gay as well. I heart most of Hollywood is either gay or bisexual, and perhaps that’s true?

    1. I agree with you. I don’t believe it’s homophobic to be disgusted due to a stranger trying to kiss you in the mouth.

  11. Don’t care about JCole, never have never will but on the Will Smith subject uh maybe you didn’t see the video. That man clear as day kissed Will out of nowhere and deserved to be slapped! You don’t randomly kiss nobody period! Gay/straight/bi whatever! The Wayans brothers kiss one another. I agree homophobia needs to end but at the same time, recognize a straight man when you see one and realize that he’s off limits and don’t approach or touch him. That’s sexual harassment!

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