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Opinion: DOMA + Prop 8 To End

Yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against the Defense of Marriage Act, a federal law created during the Clinton administration that effectively allowed states to prohibit same sex couples from marrying or receiving any federal marriage benefits. The Surpreme Court ruled that DOMA is, in fact, un-constitutional based on federalism and the 5th amendment. Basically, the… Continue reading Opinion: DOMA + Prop 8 To End


Meek Mill’s BFF Rell Geez

Rell Geez (far right in the pic) is a close friend and onstage “hype man” for rapper Meek Mill. For some reason he is always captured on Meek’s live clips SAGGING HARD. He is officially a contender for SOTY 2013! ** Photos are from The second set of pics were taken from the video below! The… Continue reading Meek Mill’s BFF Rell Geez