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There’s Something About Romeo

A few months ago, I created a Romeo Miller post on Tumblr called ‘Romeo Miller Instagram Pics’ that ended up getting almost 3,000 notes I think. Of course I was excited and I never expected that response. SN: If you’re on Tumblr you should be following me at I post a lot of the… Continue reading There’s Something About Romeo

Clip Of The Day

Clip of the Day (11)

Clip Of The Day is my opportunity to share with you guys some of the rapper-sagging vids I come across on You Tube. They’re not always easy to find so I thought it would be cool to show you how some of these singerz/rapperz are filmed ‘behind the scenes.’ Today’s clip(s) feature rap duo The New Boyz.… Continue reading Clip of the Day (11)


Who’d You Rather?: Jonas Edition

So if you have visited here more than once you know I’m a Jonas Brothers fan. I have created many, many posts dedicated to Kevin, Nick, and Joe over the past year. But never all three guys in one single post! They’re always separated into individual posts for some reason. Maybe its because I lust… Continue reading Who’d You Rather?: Jonas Edition