Rapper Juelz Santana


Back in 2009, Harlem rapper Juelz Santana was quoted in an interview with Honey Magazine saying this…

How many relationships have you been faithful in? None. I got a lady friend now that I don’t be cheating on. I don’t mean that it’s a constant thing. Yeah, I’ve cheated in the relationship, but that could have been one time, that doesn’t mean I cheated constantly in the relationship.

What are your favorite sex tricks? Nah, niggas gonna be stealing my shit. I just like when a girl be licking me. I’m just a freak. Closed doors, anything goes.

Anything? No not anything. Anything besides foul play. I’ll let a girl lick my ass though.



This excites me.

I remember this song called Hey, Him, and Me f/Santana and Lil Wayne that discussed a male/male/female scenario…

[Verse: Lil’ Wayne]
Chillin by Elz
And we smoked a hundred L
We spoke about gals
We joked about tales
No homo
But I meant like a storytale
Ya dig
[Juelz Santana]
Let me tell you bout this bitch name Loreal
Light skin, long hair
I call her slaughter mouth
Thick and juicy like steak meat, porterhouse
And bein freaky is somethin she knows all about
She keep askin me if we can put a porno out
[Lil’ Wayne]
I know that bitch too
I say we give her a call
And see what that bitch do
[Juelz Santana]
You got that bitch number
Well call that bitch through
I got the rubbers
Got the dutches
Hell yeah, we can jump her

So yeah Lil Wayne and Juelz have seen each other naked!

Butt naked grown ass men having sex together w/ some random ass hoodrat.

Hmmm… I wonder if “Loreal” had to lick both of their asses at the same time?




5 thoughts on “Rapper Juelz Santana

  1. O.O oh Juelz done made my day! I’ll lick him till the cows CUM home i’ve always had a thing for him. But i wouldn’t touch lil wayne with a ten foot pole ctfu

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