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Wildest Dreams


Over the past year it has been interesting (to say the least) editing this blog.

But one of the biggest highlights came when I first discovered that some of my posts are actually being viewed by the celebs themselves!

Real World/Challenge alum Wes Bergmann in particular linked my post to his official Facebook page a few weeks ago!

Clearly, I was surprised to discover this but extremely ecstatic at the same time.


I mean how could you not feel good knowing that someone you grew up watching (and fantasizing about) finally sort of acknowledged you.

Another Real World alum, Zach Nichols (San Diego) has also seen his posts on Underneathestarz!


Then I go on Twitter and I see tweets of people hitting up Trey Songz, Lloyd, Joe Jonas, and even Justin Bieber w/ links to my blog.

Never in my wildest dreams.


10 thoughts on “Wildest Dreams

    1. Thanks, Daniel!

      I truly appreciate how much you support this blog and wish to see it grow in audience and participation as much as I do.

      Don’t get me wrong, I would never claim to be curing cancer or anything but I wouldn’t mind eventually receiving compensation or ad dollars from the traffic and overall content from this blog. That is why I am constantly emphasizing feedback from the viewers. This blog can seen as a great marketing tool for male celebs if enough ppl voice their support.

    1. Yeah, I kind of felt the same way…

      Its like, so now you realize your ASS is an object of admiration among a gay audience. lol

      I would likely feel embarrassed, but flattered at the same time.

  1. That is awesome!! Happy for you!! White guys seem to be way more accepting of gays and simply don’t give a fuck if you think they are hot! They know they are straight and like having gays fantasize over them. My closest friends are white males and don’t have the mentality that I’m going to rape them (like some ignorant black guys do). They always ask do I look in this..?? LOL

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