My Husband A$ap Rocky

At the present time there is probably no single new artist I’m more intrigued by than New York-based rapper A$ap Rocky. (Maybe Kirko, but No One Else! ) The 24-year-old MC recently landed at No.1 on the Billboard charts with his debut album Long.Live.A$ap. Check out some pics I collected of A$ap sagging on stage! What do you think?


20 Football Booty Pics You Must See

The outside world might not talk about them but for athletes, glutes (buttocks) are everything — the absolute epicenter and powerhouse of all athletic movement. In addition to their role as the biggest and most important muscle group in the athlete’s body, the glutes serve as a source of pride and envy in locker rooms.  From… Continue reading 20 Football Booty Pics You Must See