James Van Der Beek

If you’re a proud 90s kid like myself I’m sure you’re very familiar with the classic teen series Dawson’s Creek that aired on the WB from 1998-2003. The show’s title character was played by actor James Van Der Beek. He also starred in another memorable teen drama called “Varsity Blues” More recently he has reappeared… Continue reading James Van Der Beek

BOTY · Reality TV

Favorite Booty Of 2012 Is Rob Kardashian

Rob Kardashian first caught my attention around December 2009 when his famous sister, reality tv star/porn star/fame whore Kim Kardashian decided to tweet a pic of her brother’s large round ass to her millions of Twitter followers. What later ensued was downright hysteria from every gay-oriented blog on the web. The comments ranged from, “OMG,… Continue reading Favorite Booty Of 2012 Is Rob Kardashian


Foreign Rapper Bollebof

Honestly, I don’t know much about this next rapper aside from him being a native of the Netherlands. He is 28-years-old and he appeared on a few dates of a Bow Wow concert as an opening act back in 2010. Here are some screen caps from that plus a You Tube vid of the same… Continue reading Foreign Rapper Bollebof

Booty Of The Day

Booty Of The Day (5)

With the amount of pics I post here on Underneathestarz everyday the least y’all could do is participate in the process. Geez. Its been almost a week and I still haven’t received not ONE single submit for BOTD!! PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR OWN PICS OF ANYONE YOU THINK IS A CANDIDATE FOR BOTD AND I WILL… Continue reading Booty Of The Day (5)