Vintage Tom Cruise

Before Scientology took over his universe, Katie Holmes, and jumping on Oprah’s couch like a maniac, I had a huge crush on Tom Cruise while growing up. Yes, I can admit to finding him attractive in the 90s.  By the time ‘Jerry Maguire’ came out, I was 10 years old and fell in lust.  I am no longer a fan of Tom Cruise in the same way just due to growing up, but I still appreciate that part of my childhood.

This post is a look back and a special tribute for Tom Cruise and his heyday of the 1980s/90s.


Awwww, he was a mixture of adorable and sexy back then!


Lesson to take away is nothing lasts forever! lol

I don’t crush on Tom Cruise anymore but I’m still happy I once did back then.

The only guarantee in life is change.

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