He Is Hot!

‘Real World’ Challenge Men Are Stacked

MTV reality staple “The Real World” and its competition-based spin-off “The Challenge” have been populating our TV screens for exactly 20 years (my entire life span!) and the latest edition of the series recently premiered this month. In honor of this very special milestone you can expect several posts over that feature the show’s hottest male cast members. I’ve… Continue reading ‘Real World’ Challenge Men Are Stacked

He Is Hot!

My Crush On Apolo Ohno

  This Apolo post is by far the biggest I’ve ever made (40+ pics) since I started this blog nearly five months ago. Hopefully, everyone can find at least one pic they will appreciate from this sexy/talented guy who just happens to be one of my fave celeb men. Enjoy this ASS TRIBUTE for 8x… Continue reading My Crush On Apolo Ohno


Tim Tebow In Vogue Magazine

Beefy football superstar Tim Tebow recently appeared on the cover and in the pages of GQ where he appeared shirtless in a pose some labeled “narcissistic” and “sexy Jesus,” and whatever that means. Don’t remember? Here is the photo: Interesting. Tebow is well known for sharing his Christian faith on and off the field and some in… Continue reading Tim Tebow In Vogue Magazine