‘Shahs Of Sunset’ Star Mike Shouhed In Playgirl


Mike Shouhed, a 34-year-old Persian reality TV star posed nude for Playgirl magazine back in February.

The photos were released on the nudie mag’s website this week.






The reality star told Us Weekly his reasons for doing Playgirl are well intentioned.

“I’m really comfortable with my body,” he told Us. “I’m naked all the time at home. So I’m just going to act as if it’s me at home getting naked.”

24 thoughts on “‘Shahs Of Sunset’ Star Mike Shouhed In Playgirl

  1. He does look like a bad 80s model but he’s sexy lol maybe someone should tell him to do a redo with better poses but not for playgirl lol for our eyes only.

  2. So Playgirl now doesnt even do male nudity? you see more at the beach. IF the flat ass is his best body part I feel sorry for him. Playgirl is for all the junk – no wonder they stopped publishing a monthly mag

    • I agree w/ u for the most part about Playgirl being a little conservative but u have to remember this guy Mike is somehow a celebrity/tv personality who is most likely NOT going to pose nude with an erect dick in a photo shoot anytime soon!

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  4. There is something about Mike and the photoshoot that led me to hit my chin(and that doesn’t happen everyday). It may not be the perfect bubble but the Calvin kleins holding it up and that 2(x)ist frontal guarantees that this guy is gonna blast more than a few loads. Those pearly whites which you proudly worked on make me week in the knees. If I’d been the girlfriend putting that Vaseline on in the photoshoot I know that a major rimming would have been imminent. Thx for inspiring my last few(and I know future) blasts, Mike. Jamie

  5. Sorry but I’ve gotta say that the necklaced sexy look red leather finger pointing at the package is sending me into orbit. Thank you thank you thank you, Mike. Ur a dreamboat. J

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