OMG! Trey Songz Brother Nude


Trey Songz has a very cute, younger half-brother named Forrest Tucker.


Awww…  cute, right?

Well… anyway… 19-year-old Forrest’s self-taken dick pic leaked today!

Details from below…

“Y’all i swear SuperHead is responsible for all these naked pictures of celebrities I have been receiving lately. I can’t proove it, so I’m going to leave that alone for now. Chile, I recently received another email with with pictures and a crazy story attached. This time they are supposedly Trey Songz’s younger brother Forrest. Catch These T’s!

Along with the photos came the following story:


Here’s the uncensored via FunkyDineva pic below…


I still wish it were Trey instead of him b/c I’m ready for that…

But… this is OKAY for now.


22 thoughts on “OMG! Trey Songz Brother Nude

  1. Dammmmn! I’ll just pretend its Trey. THIS IS CLOSE ENOUGH AND BETTER THAN NOTHING lol my are fingers crossed that mr. Songz will be naked soon lol

  2. He need to clean up that junky ass, project looking room of his.
    Do we reallyyyy think this is his pic? C’mon fellas. I need the face shot along with the rest.

    • Yeah. God forbid someone have a t-shirt and sock, which they probably just stripped off, by the by, in their bedroom. Scandalous!

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