Justin Bieber’s Latest Dick Bulges (and Sagging!)


I haven’t really posted anything on Justin in awhile since I haven’t seen him doing much over the last few months.

Remember this…?


Someone on Tumblr is claiming this new pic was taken from Justin’s Twitter/Instagram…


This is allegedly Justin’s bulge at a recent live show…




What Do You Think?

15 thoughts on “Justin Bieber’s Latest Dick Bulges (and Sagging!)

    • it’s actually a fake; most probably the “look alike” porn star, named Aaron Cute… not that he looks like Justin but, at the right angle, he passes. The “leaked Justin Bieber Nude” is NOT Justin Bieber. Pray for the day when anything exposed from the biebz is revealed!! :D

      • Ok Bitch you need to shut the fuck up you dont fucling knpw if its really justin or not it probley is him you dont fuckin know! Damn I hate when people do that

      • And I hate it when ignorant people such as yourself go apeshit after their delusions are shattered.
        Deal with it Caroline (and take a chill pill while you’re at it)! I’ve seen the pic and it’s most definitely Aaron Cute, as Kanahudson15 said. Look him up. There’s no mistaking it.

  1. he’s 100% hot but I’ve been with guys who look like him; most of the time, if you’ve got the looks, you lack something else. I think hes about 6 inches, at the most. (so average, I guess). :) Still sexy as f**k!! :P

      • Perhaps it appears “long” but, in reality, he’s still average. But I wouldn’t care anyway, he’s hot so anything is better than nothing; at least he’s not a lesbian now, remember those days?! :P Good on him for expressing his masculinity, although I think we all could benifit from a little more… As for the “dating” situation, most guys who look like him are hot but maily big headed, nothing else is really big… shame, mind. JB’s maybe 7 inches at the most. ;) aha

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